Rude Mechanic, Pan Sonic/Newman/Crawforth (2xCD compilation limited Edition, numbered 0577 brand new)


This CD Compilation is brand new, never been played. Li8mited edition, numbered: 0577. Comes  in fold-out cardboard inner and outer sleeve

“In 1996 a symbiotic relationship was set up in the public gallery space of Beaconsfield between visual artists David Crawford and Hayley Newman and sound artists Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen – Pan Sonic. All four worked daily for five weeks linked by sound inputs and outputs. The live installation featured an industrial power climber, a video oscilloscope, Pan Sonic’s precious sound machine, the typewriter, and the original prototype for Turbo Sound’s earth-shaking Floodlight PA system. […] The process was animated by the input of invited musicians and artists, each making a six hour injection into the mutating sound environment. […]Over the five weeks,one hundred hours were recorded and mixed live by Pan Sonic from which these thirty tracks have been extracted.” CD produced in a limited edition of 1000

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Tracklist Rude Mechanic, Pan Sonic/Newman/Crawforth. Limited edition nr 0577/1000

CD One

  1. Rude mechanic
  2. With Bruce gilbert
  3. With put put
  4. With Robert Elis
  5. With David Cunningham
  6. Rude mechanic
  7. With Robert Elis
  8. With Kaffe Matthews
  9. With Scanner
  10. With Jimi Tenor
  11. With Simon Fisher Tuner
  12. With David Gilchrist
  13. With Susan Stenger
  14. With Bruce gilbert
  15. With Rude mechanic

CD Two

  1. With David Cunningham
  2. With Robert Elis
  3. With Kaffe Matthews
  4. With Jimi Tenor
  5. With Koan
  6. With David Cunningham
  7. With Rude mechanics
  8. With Simon Fisher Tuner
  9. With Tina Huczkowski
  10. With Bruce Gilbert
  11. With Scanner
  12. With David Gilchrist
  13. With Rude mechanics
  14. With Bruce Gilbert
  15. With Rude mechanics
  16. With Scanner


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