Madness, One Step Beyond (Vinyl LP Portugal)


Made in Portugal. Near perfect record.

Released under licence from Stiff Records using the ‘Stiff’ sleeve and label artwork, with the addition of the suffix NP on the ‘Stiff’ Cat#.

Includes a 4-page(two of which are blank) insert. The one side includes photographs of the Nutty Punters, as well as additional credits. The other side has a photographic collage of the Nutty Punters.

A printing error on both the sleeve and label omits the track B7 ‘Madness’.
“Tarzan’s Nuts” appears as “Tarzan’s Nut” on the label.

Recorded at Eden & T.W. Studios.
Mixed at Rushent’s Mansion (The Lucky Bleeder

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Tracklist Madness, One Step Beyond

Side one

  1. One Step Beyond
  2. My Girl
  3. Night Boat to Cairo
  4. Believe Me
  5. Land of Hope and Glory
  6. The Prince
  7. Tarzan’s Nuts

Side two

  1. In the Middle of the Night
  2. Bed & Breakfast Man
  3. Razor Blade Alley
  4. Swan Lake
  5. Rockin’ in A
  6. Mummy’s Boy
  7. Chipmunks Are Go


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