Concrete Blonde, Recollection (CD Collection)


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Tracklist. Recollection

  1. “God Is a Bullet”
  2. “Tomorrow, Wendy”
  3. “Joey”
  4. “Scene of a Perfect Crime”
  5. “Someday?”
  6. “Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man”
  7. “Dance Along the Edge”
  8. “Bloodletting” (The Vampire Song) [Short Version]
  9. “Happy Birthday”
  10. “Caroline”
  11. “Cold Part of Town”
  12. “Walking in London [Edit]”
  13. “Heal It Up”
  14. “Everybody Knows”
  15. “True”
  16. “Mexican Moon”
  17. “Still in Hollywood”
  18. “Mercedes Benz [live]”


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