Coldcut & DJ Food vs. DJ Krush, Cold Krush cuts (2xCD compilation mixed brand new)


This release is brand new, never been played. In excellent condition. Mint.2xCD compilation, mixed. Issued in 2Cd-jewel case with 8-page booklet.

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Tracklist on Coldcut & DJ Food vs. DJ Krush, Cold Krush cuts

Coldcut & DJ Food Fight

  1. Funki Porcini, Groover
  2. KT & Hex, Global Chaos (Archi Version)
  3. 2 Player Vs. Herbaliser, The Sometimes
  4. DJ Vadim & Mark B, The Breaks
  5. Herbaliser, The Real Killer Pt. 2 (Rooftop Prowler)
  6. Luke Vibert, Get Your Head Down
  7. London Funk Allstars, Goodbye Cruel World
  8. Coldcut, Naked Leaves
  9. DJ Food, Spiral
  10. Hex, Harmonic
  11. Cabbage Boy, Mod You
  12. DJ Toolz, Ready Brek
  13. Amon Tobin, Creatures
  14. Peezee, Nightrous
  15. Up, Bustle & Out, An Unmarked Grave (In Memory Of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid)
  16. Up, Bustle & Out, The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (OestroGwen Mix)
  17. Herbaliser, Mr. Chombee Has The FlawDJ Food, The Breaks Of Wrath
  18. DJ Food, The Breaks Of Wrath
  19. Drome, Alice
  20. Gideon Glass
  21. DJ Food, Sun Vibes
  22. E.V.A, Oddly Godly
  23. Funki Porcini, Going Down

Back To Base

  1. Herbaliser, 40 Winks (No Sleep Vadim Mix)
  2. DJ Vadim, B-Boy
  3. DJ Vadim Headz, Still Ain’t Ready
  4. DJ Vadim, Aural Prostitution (DJ Cam Mix)
  5. 9 Lazy 9 Electric Lazyland
  6. London Funk Allstars, Give It To Me Raw
  7. London Funk Allstars, Broadcasting Live From Planet Blapps!
  8. London Funk Allstars, Today London, Tomorrow The World
  9. London Funk Allstars, Junkies Bad Trip
  10. London Funk Allstars, Knee Deep In The Beats
  11. Coldcut Sign
  12. DJ Vadim, Call Me
  13. DJ Food, Bass City Roller
  14. Herbaliser, A Mother (For Your Mind)
  15. DJ Vadim, Aural Prostitution (I Wonder Why)(DJ Vadim Remix)
  16. DJ Vadim, Morning Prayer
  17. DJ Food, Dark Lady
  18. DJ Vadim, Lounge Shiznitz
  19. London Funk Allstars,Love Is What We Need

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