Body Count, Body count (CD album)


This CD is in excellent condition. Mint. However, due to water leak in the warehouse the paper labels are partly damaged of moist.

In stock


Tracklist. Body count

  1. Smoked Pork
  2. Body Count’s in the
  3. Now Sports
  4. Body Count
  5. A Statistic
  6. Bowels of the Devi
  7. The Real Problem
  8. KKK Bitch
  9. C Note
  10. Voodoo
  11. The Winner Loses
  12. There Goes the Neighborhood
  13. Oprah
  14. Evil Dick
  15. Body Count Anthem
  16. Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight
  17. Out in the Parking Lot
  18. Cop Killer


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