Blur Think tank promotional t-shirt (promotional tee) Artwork Banksy

The t-shirt has never been used. T-shirt made by the record company Parlophone in collaboration with the street artist Banksy to promote the upcoming album Think Tank by Blur 2003. The Artwork is done by Banksy witch adds additional value to the tee from a collectors view point.

Taken from Wiki: “The album cover was stenciled by the graffiti artist Banksy. Despite Banksy stating that he normally avoids commercial work. He later defended his decision to do the cover, saying: “I’ve done a few things to pay the bills, and I did the Blur album. It was a good record and [the commission was] quite a lot of money. I think that’s a really important distinction to make. If it’s something you actually believe in, doing something commercial doesn’t turn it to shit just because it’s commercial. Otherwise you’ve got to be a socialist rejecting capitalism altogether, because the idea that you can marry a quality product with a quality visual and be a part of that even though it’s capitalistic is sometimes a contradiction you cant live with. But sometimes it’s pretty symbiotic, like the Blur situation.The album’s cover art sold at auction in 2007 for £75,000.”


Blur Think Tank T-shirt made for release of the Think Tank Album.

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