My Adidas Run-DMC tee can be yours

Price $13,000

This is one of the most rare and valuable t-shirt for collectors in history.

The t-shirt is in very good condition, no visible holes, no “yellowish colour,” stains or spots. The size is Large, and it’s “oversize” large (most probably oversize due to the hip-hop style). The logo in front is a little faded due to washing (see image). Background story: The T-shirt story below is taken from Forbes magazine 2007.

“My Adidas” Run-D.M.C. T-Shirt

Forbes 2007 “This collaboration between the sportswear company and the hip-hop group produced one of the most sought-after concert T-shirts in the world. It was made for promotional purposes for a show in the early 1980s. The shirt has both the Run-D.M.C., and the Adidas logos placed next to each other in the front, with an original joint logo on the back.”

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T-shirt story above: Forbes 2007 high price concert tees
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My Run-DMC

Run-DMC, is one of the most influential hip-hop groups from queen, New York, founded in 1981 by Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, and Jam Master Jay. Not only powerful music wise, it was also one of the very original groups that realized and developed the business potential of a whole new industry Hip-hop, the first that signed endorsement contract with a multinational clothing brand Adidas ($1.6 million). Furthermore, they pioneered and explored the musical collaboration ship across genre and importance of MC and DJ relationship. Run-DMC incorporated rock into the hip-hop with songs like “Rock Box and King of Rock,” and developed a new genre with their musical influence a fusion called “rap-rock” that eventually should become a huge market for the music Industry with bands such as KoRn, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Limkin Park. Maybe the most successful crossover song ever to be performed by a hip-hop act was Run-DMC & Aerosmith song “rock this way (originally by Aerosmith).

Run-DMC is forever fashion history

Run-DMC code of dressing was way cool, fresh and different, their interpretation created modern hip-hop fashion were the combinations of Adidas sneakers, jeans and black leather was the basics. The raw street style was clean-cut and soon picked up by groups such as LL Cool J and Beastie Boys and therefore, appealed cross-over with core sub cultures such as skateboarding.

Run-DMC millstones

  • 1985, Run-DMC performed as the only hip-hop act at Live Aid
  • 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Run-DMC number 48 in their list of the greatest musical artists of all time
  • 2009, Eminem inducted Run-DMC into Rock Hall of Fame, after Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.


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